Recap – Founders Soup w/ Stefan Korn

Great event last night! Special thanks to Stefan Korn, Sam Minnée and all of our sponsors. We snapped some pics for you to checkout. Click here to view.

Don’t forget, you can add your name to our list of sponsors with a donation of any amount (Sweet as).

We’re already ramping up for our next event on June 21. Don’t miss it!




A proposal

Update : Visit to contribute!


Modeled after the original Hackers & Founders group in San Francisco, H&F Wellington brings together soon-to-be and early stage tech entrepreneurs to share war stories, pitch ideas, and make contacts. Our goal is to foster ideas and people and push them over the edge to create awesome startups. Unlike your standard meetups, filled with business generalists, speakers from established corporates, and heaps of available seating, H&F events are intimate and focused. We offer a limited number of seats (usually 35 or less), candid conversations with top notch speakers (usually founders of early-to-mid stage startups & VC’s), food & beer to satisfy the munchies, and heaps of startup insider goodness. In other words, this won’t be a meetup filled with business guys asking you to build their restaurant website. We’re there to help create kick-ass tech startups.

Thanks to the awesome folks at BizDojo we’ve got our venue nailed. The only thing we need now is funding. We reached out to the usual outlets and soon realized we had to give up too much of who we are and what we’re about – our identity, our independence – to make it work, which isn’t something we’re willing to do.

We created this site to fund our existence and need your help to make it happen. Donations go straight toward funding our events. Our goal is to fund 6 events ($350 per event * 6 = $2100).

If we raise more money we’ll have either more events, more flash pizza & beer, or both!

What you get:
– A kick-ass meetup filled with people, just like you, destined to do great things
– Street cred for helping fellow hackers circumvent the system
– Prestige, because donations of any amount get you a link on our page, and donations over $50 get your logo on here too!
– Eternal thanks from everyone helping make H&F Wellington happen!

Great events coming up

Bright Ideas Challenge

There are a few??entrepreneurial??and networking events coming up over the following weeks. First up are quite a number of workshops and events related to the Bright Ideas Challenge. The first event is happening on the 24th August (this evening), so RSVP fast at the URL after the jump.

The above URL also contains details about four workshops and other related events for the Bright Ideas Challenge.

Unlimited Potential – Co-founder Matchmaking

This is potentially an exciting event of the year! Featuring the Bright Idea finalists in ICT, this will most likely spark a lot of good networking and collaboration. Meet your potential co-founder and team.??

Thursday, 9 September 2010, 5.30-7.30pm??at the Loft Caf?? & Bar, Level 4 Whitcoulls Building, 312 Lambton Quay. RSVP at the URL below:??

Other great events and groups


Webstock Mini – 2011 Launch – 23rd September 2010 -??

Hackers and Founders around the world

Here is a list of other H&F and Hacker News groups (as compiled from Laura, from the epynomous Hackers and Founders):
Hackers and Founders



H&F Indianapolis
Matt Hunckler and Brennan Knotts


H&F Wellington, New Zealand
Y. Thong Kuah (Thong)

Startups need talent.

Several things to draw from this:
  1. Everyone is after talent
  2. Developers mostly go for cushy non-startup jobs
  3. Rather than waiting for developers, why not start doing some things yourself?
  4. Help out and grow the startup community, it will be of mutual benefit